About the CO2

Have you noticed a better mouthfeel and texture when you drink a beer at The Cove? At The Cove, we have a Beer Gas Blender. Our showcase of brews are blended with 70% carbon dioxide and 30% nitrogen. Slow pours, you know if you know, get a higher ratio of nitrogen in the blend. This process enhances the experience by not disturbing the brewer’s intended flavor profile. At The Cove, we show our appreciation for Craft Beer by selecting the best and serving it right.

The see what’s on tap at The Cove by visiting us on Untapped.

What People Say

(Domestic Beer) drinkers are safe, The Cove has recommendations for you.

S. C. Yelp

The Cove is easy going, enjoyable, there’s great been and a fun atmosphere.


Stout, IPA, and wine drinkers are also safe… The Cove has what you’re looking for.

S. C. Yelp

Let’s talk craft beer and wine.